My Story

I’ve worked on many different business categories, from advanced programming to event production – through direct marketing, television, print, outdoor, internet, and other media. I’ve been responsible for directing advertising and marketing strategy including all aspects of advertising concept, research, media planning, account planning, production managing, and have worked hand-in-hand with account directors on internal and external pitches. My goal then is to be part of an innovative and evolving fresh team, which uses tools and solutions to articulate brands and connect to consumers.


Industries I’ve been working for

small & medium business, e-commerce, telecommunication, finance, stock exchange, video games, beauty, spa, health care, insurance, real estate, education, kids & children products, food, goods, car & vehicles, furniture, stores & e-commerce, restaurants & bars, government, exhibitions & galleries, events, concerts, music & film, entertainment, travel, beauty & spa, alcohol & liquor, tourism, construction, banking, ecology, sport, conferences & business conventions, art & culture, architecture

Skills & Expertise


website layouts, responsive design,  e-commerce, UX design, responsive design, social media


Phone and tablet apps, mobile games, UX and UI of the apps


key visuals, posters, brochures, catalogs, outdoor,press ads, ATL & BTL materials.


video editing, trailer production, radio commercial editing, sound editing, multimedia presentations, flash animations, online campaigns


logo design, brand identity, guide lines, stationery.


art directing, team leadership, project managing, excellent communication & presentation skills.

Even a simple, small ad can be a masterpiece.


Why you should hire me

Quality under pressure

Producing amazing work under tight deadlines. Working pretty fast, effectively, and extremely resistant to stress.

Dedication to details

It doesn’t matter if I work on a project for a huge company or small one. Even a simple, small ad can be a masterpiece. A masterpiece, which looks great but first of all is effective.

Rich, International experience

Awarded 3 times for best web design in Poland, gaining experience in the best agencies like MRM Worldwide, CD Project or Goldbach Media and working for well-known brands as The Witcher game, Nescafe, Mercedes Benz, Toshiba, just to list a few.

"I’ve known Jasmine for many years and during this period we were able to successfully implement many of the projects related to the subject of the Internet and computer games. Our joint work, both in the CD project, as well as ARBO and Wishmater Inc. was always a pleasure for me, during which Jasmine presented each time the highest degree of professionalism and dutifulness"

− Sebastian Białek, Investor’s Service Manager, Game Industry Expert // Warsaw, Poland

"Her design is very current, fluid, and technically excellent. She was also great at guiding and directing creative in a unique situation— she had the ability to provide direction for guidelines that needed to be executed by photographers and media planners on an international scale. She was very passionate and involved with the project, and had a positive attitude that inspired the rest of the team to follow suit."

− Elle Cardenas, Freelance Art Director and Graphic Designer // San Francisco, USA

"Jasmina made a great Job for our Company, we still use the CI she developed and get great response from our customers."

− Christian Mars, Managing Director at LEGALO GmbH & Co. KG // Munich, Germany

"“Jasmina is extremely dedicated and absolutely in love with the type of work she creates. She is capable of providing fast, efficient, and effective results. Truth is, with her honest perseverance, guts, and master work ethic, she has inspired me to pursue a career in writing, and I now understand the value of utilizing my skills for good and the fruits of taking risks. "

− Joylani Scavo, Freelance Writer // Florida, USA

"Jasmina is a detail-oriented person who watches the balance sheet like a hawk without losing sight
of the strategic objective"

− Robert Scislowski, Product Manager Search and Seo at Agora SA // Warsaw, Poland